Just yum! I went to a class on Indian cooking and it’s given me the confidence to cook a curry from scratch and it’s so easy and only took 15 minutes!

The teacher was so good, everything was so well organised and the quiz was really fun! I met so me awesome people and came away with some yummy food, two different courses of it! I decided to donate one portion of my main to the homeless and it was really nice to give something back. I’m looking forward to the next one!

When¬† I go to world cookery class I really enjoy it because it’s not like school

It’s fun and enjoyable. I like how the chefs¬† don’t expect everyone to know what they are talking about and will break the demos up into easy steps. The quiz is fun too and I’ve met some interesting people at this point of the class. I also like how I can either donate or take my meal for my dinner the next day.